Special Orders

You can contact the luthier with no commitment to order. You can ask about availability of wood, an estimated construction time and any extra costs such as instrument cases and delivery. Orders require a deposit of 20% of the instruments price, an address and contact number, a signature on the order to confirm the details. Any failure to provide will forfeit your position in the waiting list until the order is completed. This is only fair warning and respect to others wanting to place an order too. Upon or near completion, you will be contacted and asked to pay the remaining balance which includes the case price, unless paid for already, decide on delivery or collection if you haven't already done so. You can order a case when the balance is due and the case price is not included in the instrument prices shown since they may change. You can decide whether you want to collect your instrument or have it delivered when the balance is due. The case can be ordered directly with Kingham or ordered when the balance is due.Please allow time before collection or delivery since the case has to be custom made.

Availability: Orders can be customized to a certain extent subject to the availability of wood. If the wood you require isn't available, it will have to be ordered and this may take up to two weeks.

  1. Confirmation of Order: After the woods, decorative extras and the choice of collection or delivery is requested, you will get a confirmation of order by post, you will need to check and sign the order form and send back both copies along with the payment required for the deposit. Of course a signed order alone is not a confirmed order until the deposit has been received.
  2. Deposit: The deposit is 20% of the instrument price. Payment of the deposit can be made by bank transfer(for overseas customers) written on the order form and sent by post, or if visiting cash in hand or cheque, no payments are made via a customer login on this site. The white copy of the order is sent back to you after the deposit payment is cleared of course and 'deposit paid' will be written on the order for your records. There will be an estimated starting and completion date. Deposits are only refundable prior to the agreed date when work on the instrument is scheduled to begin. There is a cancellation fee equivalent to half of the deposit paid. Late payment of deposit after you recieve the written order forfeits your position in the waiting list. Cheques are no longer accepted for balances.
  3. Cases: The instrument prices advertised do not include the case. You may order a case for your instrument directly with Kingham or ordered when the balance is due. Case prices vary according to instrument size and are not included in the prices shown on this web site. Contact the luthier to enquiry about prices and to place your order. Current case prices do not include carriage and VAT, please visit Kingham Case Company. To view their full range, please visit their web site at www.kingham.co.uk
  4. Strings: Strings come from Germany or Italy depending on your preference, i.e. nylon, nylgut or plain gut. A decision will have to be made so the strings can be ordered in advance.
  5. Request Changes: Small Changes to wood choices can be made within reason; however, all changes large or small are subject to availability of wood stock before construction and when they are requested in relation to the point in construction.Changes which take more time to construct will delay the estimated completion date originally given, taking longer than usual as the order will run into time allocated for another order. Large/multiple changes will also incur an admin charge of £40,  for orders which will need  revising and reconfirming by writing, and payment will be required in advance with the revised deposit. Cases are required be ordered with/after the balance payment and on completion of the instrument . The cases are made to fit the shape and size of the instrument, so be sure of what you want! Please do not order the case until the balance is due especially if you are likely to make a large change that will require a larger/smaller case, but it's reasonable to expect the case price may have changed from the original quotation subject to the suppliers' discretion. Payment for cases cannot be refunded due to cancellation of an order after the case has been ordered from Kingham.  Revised deposit payment is required with the revised order to confirm the same allocated space in the waiting list. Changes from a small instrument to an instrument that takes much longer will thus incur a considerable delay due to other allocated orders. The revised order would take the usual time if re-allocated at the next available position on the waiting list.
  6. On Completion: Once the instrument is complete you will be contacted and asked how you want to pay the remaining balance. You will have to make a decision by then if you want to collect or have your instrument delivered. Payment for the remaining balance can be made for the exact amount requested via bank transfer, or cash . You will receive a receipt of payment by post unless you are collecting. If the balance is not paid within a reasonable time after the stated completion date on the initial order form then the instrument will be put on sale. Cheques are no longer accepted, payment can be done by bank transfer at your local branch or by internet bank transfer or bankers draft, and cash to the exact amount in pounds.
  7. Collection: This will be arranged after payment has cleared.UK customers may find it cheaper to collect than get delivery.
  8. Delivery: This can be arranged at any time, but it is advisable to do so early since the case required for delivery may take a few weeks and subject to seasonal delays in winter. Overseas deliveries must have a Kingham case and will be bubblewrapped and crated to protect it during transit, there is a cheaper alternative but it's not recommended.


  1. Buying: Contact the luthier in writing by letter or email to confirm which instrument you want to buy, an order will be written out to confirm the item you are buying and terms stated on this page are agreed to, you confirm by signing, payment in advance or from overseas can be done via transfer, only after receipt of the payment the instrument is yours and can be despatched. Non payment after 14 days of signing the stock order, within reason, cancels your order. Please state how you want to pay and whether you prefer collecting or delivery before proceeding so delivery quotes can be provided before payment and not delay delivery.
  2. Trying Out: You may arrange a time to try out any instruments in stock before buying. However instruments are not sent out on 'approval'.
  3. Collection: You may collect your instrument if you pay either by cash or Banker's draft in pounds sterling for the exact amount, (click here to see how to get here). Credit or bank cards are not accepted when collecting, but Bank transfers have to be recieved in advance.
  4. Delivery: A case has to be ordered so the instrument can be sent and delivered safely; extra foam padding will be added inside the case. A delivery quote can be obtained before purchasing depending on your address and what courier service you prefer. Please provide special instructions for couriers. Worldwide deliveries can be arranged with a local service.

All stock items displayed on the web site are subject to availability. All customer data is securely stored and not passed on to 3rd party marketing/advertising. Prices do not include case. Prices are reviewed in January/February.