JM Instruments makes affordable custom made and stock lutes to buy or to hire based on surviving instruments in museums. The student lutes, are made at a price to provide a lute-maker-made authentic, light and fine alternative to the heavy factory made lutes or oud-lutes, because they are closer to ouds in construction and weight than lutes made by a lute maker today. If you still are unable to afford even a factory made lute or theorbo then you can hire a finely made one here at £35 per month, see the student lutes page for the current list.

Popular examples include the 14crs student folding theorbo based on Sellas (Paris E.547), designed in 2013 as an affordable solution to a necessary requirement, ordered and played by Richard Mackenzie, listen to it here, and buy his CD here. The second instrument below is a 10/11 crs lute based on Hans Frei (Vienna KHM C34) ordered by Alex McCartney, listen to it here, and a 10crs based on Burkholtzer ordered by several customers (Vienna KHM NE48) listen to it here. If you can't or don't want to wait for a custom made instrument then current lutes in stock are here.

TN_Sellas_studentTheorbo_Frontincase.jpg TN_11CRS_FREI_MAPLE_FRONTEND.jpg TN_Burkholtzer_wholeside.jpg

See the latest lutes to buy/hire and the gallery of custom-made lutes and original lutes in museums here.

Other lutes to buy include unique and niche instruments to encourage a broader exploration of the lute family's music and capabilities: The Electric Baroque lute (2010), the Student Romantic Terz guitar, made in 2013 for Jamie Akers, buy his new Romantic Guitar CD here. The Eco-friendly 7000 year old bog oak lute, the eco-alternative to ebony, played by K'antu Ensemble. The latest creation is the 7crs Student lute-guitar, light-weight, authentic construction, based on Maler (MI54). For specialist/limited repertoire lutenists there's the affordable student Mandora/Gallichon opening up a pleasant but forgotten repertoire. Finally the Student Quito Vihuela, made in 2015.

Tel: 01283734388 email: Sorry but the 6crs 'Childrens Lute' as seen on the stock page is now sold, but can be ordered and case prices are not included.